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What Workman’s Compensation Insurance Covers

Workman’s Compensation is a system that is designed to help your employees who have become sick or injured due to their work environment or conditions. So, what exactly does Workman’s Compensation insurance cover?

  • Deceased worker benefits. In the event that an employee passes away, his dependents will be entitled to a lump sum payment as well as help with paying for burial expenses.
  • Medical expenses and treatment. This includes emergency care, follow-up treatment with doctors and specialists, rehab visits, and transportation expenses.  
  • Missed work during recovery. The weekly benefit amount is usually 66.7% of the worker’s average weekly earnings, allowing the employee to be paid while continuing to recover from his injury or illness.
  • Permanent impairment compensation. Some work-related injuries result in a permanent impairment that will affect the worker’s ability to complete specific jobs. Even minor work-related injuries could qualify for small payments for permanent disabilities.
  • Vocational rehabilitation. If a worker can no longer work in the original field and needs to change jobs, job retraining or education costs may be payable through a Workman’s Compensation policy.

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